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broadwell. and then extended to jill .ellie anley sent does e-mails to agent. also in the picture, a general allen. he had apparently been exchanging flirtatious e-mails l kelly. -- kelley. scott is here to sort it all out. most immediately, general confirmation hearing set made himday could is the commander of metal forces, are on hold. -- nato forces, are on hold. house, and mission surprise, the president guard toy caught off petraeus andral
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about thousands of mails between a- allen and florida ey.ialite jill kell >> he appreciates general petraeus remarkable service to this country. general allen was supposedly in fort nato commander. see what the investigation turns up. of congress offering questions -- altering what weretions to they thinking? >> it is beyond my imagination. the honorable thing was done. the general has resigned. >> so many questions left. how bad could this turnout? the fbi pull documents from home broadwell's
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overnight. on the hill today, an appearance by cia deputy director. in charge ofly cia. hewas asked by reporters if petraeus waseral having an affair. respond.t >> to help you follow the petraeus down the, we have a special photo gallery on our with the key players. he confronted on -- you on >> congress will be trying to government from cliff.g over the fiscal the president talked with labor leaders today. tomorrow, the president will ceos fromnumber of
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the nation's largest countries -- companies. the deadline is december 31. >> the developing story out of waldorf for the 17-year-old charge and the death of a cab been connected to a l shooting on a footpath last month. is facing first- murder charges after shot andes say he doged the woman walking her on october 26. joshua mebane also shot and killed a cab driver last week in the district. the cab was found on fire with body inside. >> this was the day of for kwame he faced to judges. -- two judges. sam ford is live at superior court with that story. has alreadywn served his jail time. spent six hours in the custody of u.s. marshals so the
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judge did say that he gave brown the required jail time. hear a free man about half an hour ago. in federal court, he told the has been embarrassed and publicly humiliated. brown rejected the u.s. sentence recommended of six days in jail and three years' probation. lawyer asked for no jail two years' probation. e decided to jail him hours and two years' probation. >> the judge felt as though he to impose the minimum of jail time and ordered issue a valid judgment. >> he also opposed six months of e arrest with an ankle bracelet and 480 hours of community service. sentencing.
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>> this afternoon, brown was prisoners. there he was sentenced for misdemeanor is handling of campaign funds. was aly added punishment $250 fine. >> kwame brown, god bless them. i hope he gets the help he needs. ll.a tremendous faul brown is under house arrest for next six months. can leave to go to work if he can find a job. religious services or to handle his legal matters. must be in the house between 10:00 at night and 6:00 in the morning. rapistalleged east coast
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has backed out of a plea deal. was charged in connection girls a rapes of two virginia. he is expected to plead guilty county today, out at a hearing this morning. the case will likely return to court in january. >> the chancellor of d.c.'s schools says as many as 20 the district could beginning nexte year. e difficult decision will about 3000 students and across six awards. there are too many schools for the district students. you can find a full list on our website. >> in a few days, the belt way toress lanes will open drivers. the official ribbon cutting was held today and mcdonnell. bob the lanes open on saturday this
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week. pay to will have to drive the express lanes. d be a big help to alleviate congestion. showe, we will you the toional fans will be able their love on their automobiles. >> on montgomery county -- i will have the story coming up. 45 degrees right now in arlington. temperatures are falling.
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>> we continue with new developments. a farm is currently located. >> the land is just north of horseshoe lane. are suingdents montgomery county, charged that the process to decide on the use the land was not done properly. >> this is personal for ted duncan. his daughter attends the montgomery county school. the land they end up being used for a soccer fields. >> this is public land being private entity by
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the county. is one of the faces of the new lawsuit that claims the county did not follow the law leasing thes to montgomery county board of education. the fight started after a farmer was told his lease was not been renewed. >> if they are allowed to comment --h this all public land could used for anything anywhere in this count a plaintiff in the lawsuit the decision to build the fields violates master zoning regulations. >> a spokesperson says the position has not changed and they're moving the project because follows the potomac master that public land be used public persist -- purpose. >> the government is supposed to
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be -- as opposed to work for the residence. is waiting fory a court decision that will future of the farm. that decision is expected in february. >> the school board sent us a on the lawsuit saying, other legal action, we will respond to the appropriate affirm theontinue to the board to determine use of the land it owns." >> the warm weather blew away with this morning's rain. .> the wizards have a bad case will they get their first win tonight?
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well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee. actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig.
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>> the national's put on quite a season.s they fired up the fan base.
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>> the team is taking applications from maryland and for license tags. they will cost $100 apiece. says virginia, do not worry. >> mitt romney lost the election and now he losing facebook france. -- friends. on friday, he was losing 593 every hour. he still has a strong following, more than 12 million facebook and 2 million on twitter. >> an historic fishing. by hurricanevaged sandy will be rebuilt. says the pier has tremendous importance to the town and to visitors. was badly damaged during the .torm the pilings that survived have since been removed. glad to see their rebuilding it.
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>> they always do. >> what about us? >> it was nasty this morning. temperatures fell all day. started with a look at conditions. the naval academy in annapolis. the clouds and rain are chasing off to the east. all across the region, it turned beautiful afternoon. 43 in herndon right now. degrees,strict, 43 half an inch of rain. with the rain and cold temperatures, it fell all day. 59 is still our average high. 39 right now in gaithersburg.
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36 in hagerstown, 35 in , 46 in the nation's capital. a chill in the air. cold there is spilling over. to the north for the next several days. even this time a year, we get temperatures. definitely on the chilly side. clear skies tonight. the front is going to hang out there for a few days. that is going to keep us dry and l days.r the next severa saturday night, sunday, a computer model suggesting the develop.tem may if that happens, they are pressure of the east coast. to know if it will happen.
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i will let you know how that will go. what is happening in the weather, we will see the clear skies continue overnight. about freezing is your average wake up temperature. we will see whether continued to stay below average. to stay continued below average. >> a quick reminder about our app.t abc 7 smart phone it is an alarm clock that gives you today's news. with wake-up calls from anchors. >> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> davey johnson? >> they just announced the
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manager of the year. is davey johnson. major league baseball has done it again. named then manager of the year. harper was named rookie of the year. -- the nats were a themselves this year. he raised expectations. he controlled the atmosphere. stretch, hethe stuck to his guns. they could have used stephen the division series, but johnson has agreed a one-year contract and he be back next year. manager of the year. the wizards got off to -- are struggling again. they are a favorite tonight in charlotte against the bobcats. they may have some problems with the rookie sensation.
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they should be favored, and they are. has been the bobcats five straight times. the wizards average only 88 points a game. that is 29th in the league. >> are we ready? think we are. we talk confidence. we have to tell confidence as a group. -- talk confidence as a group. you have to execute. >> positive attitude. the redskins are an early favorite over the philadelphia at fedex field. ise shanahan says every game like a playoff situation. >> you have to get ready for of the season.f he'll have to play your best football. we had some opportunities in the first half. now you have to play your best
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t.d you have to play i kansas cityler night. he was drilled, he may be out for a while. g ben injured his throwing shoulder and his red. -- his rib. sternum, that the good.ot sound be held for a while. do you miss hockey? was military appreciation night. look at these guys. pensacola, mississippi. unbelievable. these two guys really went after it. stood the fans got into it. military appreciation night.
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meanwhile, the nhl -- no more scheduled right now. have met seven of the last nine days. got to love hockey.
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>> does wine hold the key to work -- to looking younger? can help renew you, too? we will talk about the therapy tonight at 11:00. my wintermissed outlook, we put the whole thing the entire story is right there. l see when 11:00. the entire story is right there. l see when 11:00. >>
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